Youth Ministry

Welcome to the Vine!

It’s great you’re here! The Vine is a group for high schoolers where we aim to make new friends, deepen old friendships, have lots of fun and together work out what life’s about, as Jesus tell it.

Our programs run on Friday nights and Sundays in the term time. Have a look below for things that are going on at the moment, check instagram send Josh Lewis an email for more information at

Memory Verse Links!

Film yourself singing some of the memory verse and upload it here, and we’ll get you on our virtual choir! Don’t worry if you’re not a good singer – all the voices will merge in together and you won’t even know which one is yours. Get around it! (And remember not to clap in the 2nd verse. Or do clap, and make Josh and Sophie feel better.)

Vine Fridays Online
Each week we will be catching up, playing some games, and discussing what Jesus has to say in the bible as we look at the parables that he told.

The details are:

Vine Church Online
In Term 2, Vine Church (for years 6-9) is back – online – during the 9:45 am livestream. This will take place on Zoom and we’ll look at Paul’s letter to the Ephesians and spend some time catching up and praying together.

The details are:

Club 66 Online
In Term 2, Club 66 (for year 6) is running on Friday afternoons, 4-5 pm on Zoom. There’s a game, a catch up and this term, some time looking at the big picture of the whole Bible story.
If you’d like details and to be involved, please email

Arrangements during Coronavirus

— Vine Fridays is meeting online on Zoom. Friday nights at 7 pm —

— Vine Sundays is running online. Please be involved in the church livestream – checkout our YouTube channel. —

Staying Connected
It’s important through this time that we keep hearing from God’s word, and that we stay connected together as a community. Please get involved in Sundays and Fridays! The leaders have been making an effort to contact those in their small groups and organise ways that the group can stay connected. Some groups have a WhatsApp group, for example, but the leader will work out what works best for their groups, in consultation with parents too. We’re keen to stay connected, while using appropriate forms of communication.
For those on instagram, there will be regular posts from @vine.wahroonga  We’re also hoping to upload some videos to insta/youtube.

What we do in more regular times….

Vine Fridays (years 7 and up) – 6:30 – 8:30 pm

On Fridays when we’re not socially distancing ourselves, the Vine (for high schoolers) meets together at the church. On a regular night, we’ll have a simple dinner together at the start of the night, we have a section of ‘All In’ time with everyone and then break off into small groups. Each of these groups has a key leader, and meeting separately will allow them to do tailored activities and Bible studies, grow stronger relationships in the small group, and provide an easy place to invite friends.
A couple of times a term, we do different nights, where we’re offsite, or where we stay as a large group for the whole night. We’ll give you further details about that as we go. In term 1, we’ll be looking at Romans.

Vine Sundays (years 6-9)

On Sundays, at the same time as morning church, the Vine (years 6-9) meets at Prouille Primary School (across the road from church). We have a church service for youth – we pray, sing and hear a Bible talk and have morning tea together. During the school holidays, Viners are encouraged to stay in church with the adults. 

Friday afternoons for Year 6

1 group for Year 6 boys + 1 group for Year 6 girls = Club 66.
Food, activities, friends and learning about God.


STAMPEDE (St Andrew’s Youth Camp for high schoolers + year 6) – during the spring school holidays. This year camp is on the 8th-11th of October.

KYCK (Katoomba Youth Convention for high schoolers). We normally go to KYCK in the Easter holidays, but sadly didn’t got this year due to the coranavirus outbreak.