Youth Ministry

Annual Camp:

Youth Camp for Years 6 and above. 15th -17th September.

All of our youth programs aim to help teenagers and young people get to know Jesus Christ through the Bible. We know that youth are often facing pressures and stresses, as they make their busy way through a world that offers them more, while continually demanding more from them.

All of our groups are safe, engaging and relevant, helping youth consider the answers to life’s questions that God provides to us in the Bible.

Here is a summary of our ministries. For more details or up to date plans, please contact Josh Lewis at

Sunday mornings during term time:

This group is run in conjunction with our 9:45 service. The youth begin in church, then head out after 15 minutes for their specialised program.

Friday afternoons during term time:

Underline1 group for Year 6 boys + 1 group for Year 6 girls = Club 66.
Food, activities, friends and learning about God.
UnderlineThis is our group for youth in high school (years 7-9).
Solid friendships, stacks of fun and engaging with life’s big questions through the Bible.