Our Current Sermon Series…

The Copernican Revolution

What would it look like if you put God at the centre of every part of your life?

We all naturally develop a ‘me-centric’ view of the world and use our own perspective and point of view to judge everything else. We put ourselves in the position of most importance and shape our decisions and choices around what pleases us.

This is why we need to experience a ‘Copernican Revolution’ and put God at the centre of all we do. Over this series we will consider different areas of our lives beginning with our attitude towards CHURCH. 

What would it look like if you were not the centre of church, but church was all about Christ and church was all about others?

Join us at one of our three services:

  • 8am – Traditional service
  • 9:45am – Family service with créche and children’s holiday program
  • 6pm – Relaxed service for all ages