Life Under The Sun – our new Sermon Series

11 July 2017

What does man gain from all his labour at which he toils under the sun?
Ecclesiastes 1:3

If only we can get a bigger house, then we’ll be OK. If only the kids were out of nappies, then we’ll be sorted. Once I pass this exam, life will settle down. If we can make it til the next holidays, then we’ll get some rest then…

On and on life goes. We continually think we just need one more thing, to reach one more hill, then everything will even out and then we can start to enjoy ourselves. 

Over the coming weeks the book of Ecclesiastes will demolish this way of thinking. The Teacher will show us that we can never ‘get ahead’ that all of our labour and toil only makes us more weary and in the end we’re just back to where we begun. This sounds like a depressing message and it may feel this way as we let it soak in, but understanding that life is like this is the first step to enjoying God’s gifts and serving God in the midst of this confounding world.

Join us Sundays as we begin this journey together…

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