Small Groups 2019

Small Groups are foundational to our life together as a church family – where the word of God we hear on Sunday follows us into the week

At St Andrew’s, we have a variety of mid-week (daytime and evening) small groups that meet weekly in different locations across Wahroonga and beyond. Each Small Group is made up of around 12 people from across the church family.

Why Small Groups?

Our Small Groups aim to be the place where those who have received Jesus as Lord can encourage one another to live with Jesus as Lord in all of life. We do this through:

Bible Study – that encourages discussion and specific application to our lives

Prayer – with, and for, each other

Service – as we discover and develop the gifts God gives us to serve him with

Are Small Groups for you?

Are you (or would you like to be) part of the St Andrew’s Church family?

Do you want to grow in your love and understanding of God and his word to us?

Would you like to experience Christian relationships of love and accountability?

Do you want to develop and deepen your prayer life?

Do you want to discover and develop the gifts God has for you?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, then Small Groups are for you!  Click on the link below and register, we will be in contact shortly to finalise groups.

Register for 2019 Small Groups Here